Current projects:

Labour against the machine. A study of the materiality of digital labour in e-commerce warehouses. Think Amazon, Zalando, H&M, IKEA and the like. I am analysing the technologies used to work, such as the barcode gun and its relation to corporate algorithms, and how they intersect with emerging cycles of struggle in the logistics sector.

Log out! Worker resistance within and against the platform economy. How do workers struggle against digital capitalism? In this research I aim at showing the central role of worker struggle, sabotage and resistance in any project of future liberation. I am the lead convener of a McLuhan Centre working group on this topic, and the organiser of a conference to be held in 2018.

Things I might or might not do in the future:

You’re deactivated! In platform-based digital labour, worker dismissal can materialize in the form of disconnection from the company’s app or website. This represents the most brutal side of the disciplinary power of digital labour technologies. The technical ability to “deactivate” a worker is the result of deeper political and legal transformations which enable digital capitalism to tap into an increasingly precarious workforce. Yet the role of these technologies in subduing labour may lay the ground for new forms of resistance to emerge, for example when workers log out during strikes or disconnect en masse to rise fees. What is the political significance of the technical fluidity of  platform labour?